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General News of Saturday, 2 August 2014

Source: The Guardian Post Newspaper

The Guardian Post wins best English Newspaper Award

Besides, the guardians' humbling honour, the Kristian Ngah Christian is also to receive another award as Cameroon’s most persecuted newspaper publisher.

Jury members and readers of the Bamenda-based widely-read weekly newspaper, Chronicle, have unanimously voted the lone English Language daily newspaper, The Guardian Post, as: “The leading English Language daily tabloid in Cameroon…”

The announcement is contained in a notification letter to The Guardian Post’s publisher/editor, dated July 21, 2014 and signed by Chronicle Award jury members: Gwain Colbert (CEO, Dignity Television), Teneng Lucas Chefor (CEO & publisher, The Reporter) and Mbah Motomu Eric (Publisher/Editor, Chronicle).

The jury members added that the decision to vote The Guardian Post as the leading English Language newspaper in Cameroon was arrived at: “after several deliberations…” The award ceremony slated for August 15, 2014 at Azam Hotel in Bamenda will coincide with Chronicle’s celebration of its 400th edition in sixteen years of continuous critical but objective investigative journalistic excellence.

Sources close to organizers of the award have hinted that other laureates include top government functionaries, politicians, members of the civil society, business men, religious and traditional leaders.

Meanwhile, cornered to explain why The Guardian Post was voted as the leading English Language newspaper in Cameroon, one of the jury members who pleaded to remain anonymous gave to understanding that the 13-year-old Yaounde-based daily newspaper is not only daring, authoritative, credible, most widely-read, most regular in the market but also has what he qualified as: “a formidable editorial policy that makes the newspaper unpredictable”.

Hear him: “I think what makes The Guardian Post most respected even by those whose covers have been blown by the newspaper, is its middle-of-the road editorial policy…”. He added that beside a very rich content; spiced with several columns that appeal to readers of all ages, The Guardian Post is the only newspaper in Cameroon that runs an editorial in all its editions.

The Guardian Post publisher also honoured Chronicle’s Leading English Language Newspaper Award to The Guardian Post, it should be announced, will be coming a week after the newspaper’s publisher/ editor, Kristian Ngah Christian Mbipgo would have received another award from The Eye website. The Eye’s award ceremony will hold in Nkambe on August 9, 2014.

Jury members of The Eye National Excellence Awards in a notification letter to Ngah, dated July 3, 2014 wrote: “We are pleased to inform you that you have been nominated and voted as Cameroon’s 2013 Most Persecuted Newspaper Publisher…”

Apparently referring to the five-month suspension which many judged was unjustly slammed on The Guardian Post and its publisher last year, The Eye jury members wrote: “…You were voted based on personal achievements measured against all human obstacles…you were worthy in adaptability, vision, modesty, strength and determination…your determination to sustain The Guardian Post as Cameroon’s lone English Language daily newspaper; despite just coming out of a five-month suspension is an outstanding achievement that cannot go without recognition.

This award is not only in recognition of your antecedents but above all, just an appropriate way to say congratulations as we encourage role models like you…” Jury members of The Eye Award include among others: Gwain Colbert Fulai of L’Action North West bureau (Chairman of The Jury), West and North West bureau chief of Le Messager daily newspaper, Donat Suffo (Secretary of The Jury) and The Eye publisher/ editor, Fai Cassian Ndi.

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