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General News of Thursday, 12 February 2015

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Second hand car sales points increase in Yaounde

There has been a multiplication of sales points for second hand vehicles in Yaoundé even with the low purchasing power of customers in the early part of this year.

Prado, Rav4, Mercedez, etc. are some of the common cars on sale at such outlets. Prices however, vary depending on the model and mileage. The most expensive vehicle in the Park is a range Rover Evoque which cost 30 million F.

The lowest price one can acquire a car is 5 million for a car like Yaris. 'Many come especially to visit', explained Issouhou Inoua. In the opinion of this seller, the activity has become a bit slow. "Things are not always very good at the beginning of the year and worst still, auto parks abound in the political capital," he added.

This is what also explains the decrease in activity, because the client has several choices.

10 years ago, it was obligatory to go in the economic capital to acquire a vehicle but today, car sites are found at every corner. There are on the average about 20 sites for the sale of second-hand cars especially in Tsinga, Elig-Essono, carefour Vogt, Omnisport, Messa, district Fouda.

The vehicles are imported from Europe, America, Benin and even Asia. For Olivier Tamanji, primary seller in the Tsinga site, this is a big illusion. "Many people ventured into this sector, believing that it is profitable", he explains.

Another seller who requested anonymity said sometimes he goes for a month without seeing any client. The site in Tsinga remains the most stocked. There are about a hundred cars, parked in the courtyard.

Some have been abandoned and invaded by wild grass. Issouhou Inoua, indicated that the first rule is to find a good location. The rest are personal relationships, recommendations. Reputation also plays a major role.

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