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General News of Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Source: bleacherreport.com

Samuel Eto'o pays £18.5m for haunted mansion blighted by curse of Tutankhamun

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Up until quite recently, Samuel Eto'o was the best paid footballer in the world, so it is fair to say the former Barcelona, Internazionale, Chelsea and Everton star has a few quid.

However, he might come to regret his latest extravagant purchase.

According to the Daily Mail, the Cameroon striker has splashed out a cool £18.5 million on an Italian "luxury coastal villa" near the fishing village of Portofino.

It certainly looks nice, has 40 rooms, a swimming pool and it is surrounded by 30,000 sqm of parkland.

But, according to locals, it is also haunted.

s per the Mail:

The house is said to be jinxed by the Curse of Tutankhamun because it was the former home of Lord Carnarvon who uncovered the Pharaoh's tomb.

Soon after discovering the tomb of the boy Pharaoh in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, Lord Carnavon died from an infected mosquito bite in Cairo's Savoy Continental Hotel.

This unexpected death, so soon after the tomb had been opened, gave way to the myth that he was cursed for disturbing the Pharaoh's eternal peace.

The legend was perpetuated when Lord Carnarvon's nephew died months later after falling down a flight of steps at the villa in Italy.

Then in 2001, former Gucci model and heiress Countess Francesca Agusta, disappeared from the cliff-top villa now being sized up by the footballer.

It all seems pretty tenuous to us, but when you are spending £18.5 million on something, you want peace of mind at least!

Let's hope Samuel is not the superstitious kind.

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