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General News of Thursday, 30 June 2016

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SDF vows to retake Buea lost ground

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Members and supporters of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Buea District and National Executive Committee, NEC team, led by Honorable Joseph Mbah Ndam, have pledged to do all in their powers to see that they take their rightful position at all political levels in the country in general and Buea in particular.

Speaking recently to party members and supporters at the SDF Secretariat in Buea, Hon. Mbah Ndam warned against vices like hatred, gossip, discrimination and tribalism within the party.

“We need to forgive and forget the grudges we have against each other. We need to tolerate one another and stand together as one man to struggle for what is right and for the benefit of our beloved country”, the Member of Parliament advised.

He said they were in Buea to reinstate in a sense, the root of the SDF Buea District. He stated rather emphatically, “We are here to see how we can resolve that issue which always results in conflict in times of elections. This has caused us to lose an election which was practically ours in Buea.

From the number I see here, I do not see why SDF should lose any office in Buea, reason why we are here to uproot that cause of our defeat and to find a lasting solution to this”.

Mbah Ndam reiterated the need for SDF members to discover that they are one if they must forge ahead to win any election. He said there was need to have many wards in Buea so that the town can be fully covered, adding that if this is done, electoral fraud would be reduced and victory eased for their party during elections.retake sdf

Having listened to some problems plaguing the health of the party in Buea such as non collaboration between the party’s Southwest Regional and Buea District Chairmen; George Ngeke Likiye and Johnson Kwendi Tayong respectively, poor relations between the District Chair and some of his close collaborators among others, the Honorable said he was not out to know the District President or Secretary and in the end make incomprehensive reports to NEC saying Buea is fine when it is not.

He noted: “when we have untrustworthy people in place, we are likely to hear tomorrow that such people have sold votes”.

The nearly close to 100 participants all had the chance to heave their worries addressed as far as the party is concerned. But Dr. Jonnie Fonyam, legal adviser to the Buea District stressed on humility and the fight for collective goals and not selfish interests.

He agreed that SDF lost in Buea during the last elections due to ineffective leadership, advising that Buea needs a more effective executive, especially as the town has a very strategic political position.

SDF Buea District members in the presence of the NEC team: Denis Nkemlemo, assistant national communication officer, Issifo Benjamin, one of national legal advisers, Alex Forteh and Honourable Joseph Mbah Ndam promised to keep away their differences and work for the common good of the party and for the liberation of Cameroonians from what they termed over three decades in a political prison.

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