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General News of Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Price of sand rises sharply in Cameroon

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The increase in sand price stems from fuel hike and the high tide at the Sanaga River.

A 20 tonnes of sand from Sanaga now costs 80,000 F instead of 75 000 F in other areas. The prices for 25 tonne sand has risen to 95 000 F as against 80 000 F in the past. As for normal sand, the capacity of 20 tonnes rose to 25 000 F instead of 20 000 F and that of 25 tonne amounts to 30 000 F instead of 25 000 F.

"To transport these quantities to Yaoundé, you have to spend on the average 60 000 to 70 000 F for the purchase of fuel, about 20 000 F for controls, 3 000 F for the municipality and 45-50,000 F for the recipe of the boss not to mention the bridge switches" adds Martin Nogo. So sum it all up, "you see that with all these additions the client suffers a lot of expenses".

All in all, a client of Yaoundé will currently require 185,000 F instead of 170 000 F to get sand from Sanaga River. For 25 tonne, he will need 200,000 F instead of 140 000 and 150 000 F. On the fine sand, 20 tonne truck will cost 130 000 F instead of 115 000 F and that of 25 tonne now goes for 140,000 F instead of 125 000 F.

According to the sellers, the demand for sand increases over time with regard to infrastructure put in place. "For the construction of camp Sic Olembe for example, it takes about 140 trucks of sand per day besides other works".

Divers on the other part complain of difficult working conditions complaining that, "we have no mechanical device and it is painful," said another vendor.

With the high tide of the Sanaga River, the situation is not easy. "With increasing rains, the waters are hostile to Cameroonian divers as it tends to be very cold", reveals Martin Nogo, a situation which allows foreigners (Mali, Chadian Nigerians) to monopolize business.

At this period, "A canoe which cost 500 F for example is sold today at 1 000 F or more", says anonymous vendors. The supply areas remain, Monatélé, Ebebda and Nkoteng, areas which, according to these traders are not always easy to access due to the poor state of road.

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