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Opinions of Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Journaliste: Abaarozie Maxwell Isaac

Pornography in our faces, culturally incorrect

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Every human being has a certain level of dignity. At least the dignity of being the creation and image of God. No single or some group of persons or by some convention or pact, should any individual be robbed of the fundamental right to being respected cognizant of the fact of their basic dignity as humans.

Besides the fundamental human right to respect, humans achieve dignity which stems from their social standing.

Human life is stratified and as a result, commands some right to respect. An individual could be a parent, a wife, husband, a pastor, a teacher, a nurse or even a family head. The list could go on un-ended and for each stratum, the individual by default commands respect and is not to be disrespected.

The role ADVERTIZEMENT play in the world of commerce cannot be over-emphasized since it play a part in CORPORATE GROWTH STRATEGY and contributes somewhat to increase in business turn-over, returns on investment or revenue generation.

It can be seen from our bill boards, at least for what I have personally seen in some part of the capital city (Accra), a number of women who are virtually naked only in brassieres and panties showing their buttocks, breast, ties, belly etc., all in the name of advertising solutions to the looks of any body part problems women may have.

Of course there is no doubt that in these contemporary times, there is a lot science can do but as to whether such claims are true or not, it is not at least my worry for now.

If customers are sought, there should be a better way than this. These adverts should direct potential clients to some offices and perhaps websites.

Largely in Africa, at least limiting ourselves to the Ghanaiansetting, it is culturally incorrect and quite pornographic to have the nudity of women (and men) who could be our wives, aunties, mothers, sisters, cousins and nieces, exhibited in the public in the name of advertisement.

The question is; • How will the originators of this act feel if they woke up tomorrow driving on our roads and seeing any of their very close relation’s nudity posted on a bell board?

Though they may argue these women on the boards had their faces covered. It is only slightly and still doesn’t make any difference.

• Which regulatory body or modalities are in place to bring such undefined media liberality within the controls of ethical standards?

• What are or should be our expectation of the manifold effects of such adverts on the growing child, the adolescent, the young adult and the weak minded male adult in our society?

• Are our regulatory bodies and institutions using a broken compass? What is their defined role in having an orderly society? • What is the role of GOVERNMENT in ensuring that regulatory bodies live to fulfil the very objectives and purpose that established them?

The rather unfortunate part of this is that, the effect on every individual may not be the same but wide and varied. Whilst for someweak minded men such pictures makes them SEXUALLY OBJECTIFY women, in the case of women, such pictures make some of them have lowSELF-ESTEEM and it reduces their ASSERTIVENESS.

Furtherance to the discussion of unacceptable advertisements, what is more?

It is worrying how alcoholic drinks are portrayed in advertisements using young people of our society. The adverts targets the young and absolutely makes it appear normal and fun to take in alcohol irrespective of the occasion.

I don’t at all take alcohol but have had occasion witnessing young people, pitiably innocent looking young ladies who could fall prey to sexualexploitationsat weddings receptions, birthday parties, and funerals especially, even church picnics and festive times like 24th December and 31st December nights adoring and heavily patronizing alcoholic drinks to the point of losing their heads.

Such cravings by the youth is attributable to advertisements they hear and see on radio and TV. It is no surprise to me that beyond the amusement, lately such drinks are claimed to be food appetite stimulants and what is more is that, it contains aphrodisiac properties and possess solutions to male impotency and female frigidity.

Culturally, there is a price tag on the nakedness of every woman. Except for some medical reasons, her nakedness is the sole preserve of her husband-a man who have dully dowry her according to custom and has received the blessing of her parents.

It is no secret that our culture has negatively been influenced by western cultures through technology, immigration, trade etc. leadingto amongst other things, extreme sexualities and promiscuities, but in spite of losing control as far as our culture is concern due to these external factors, let us not throw away the controls we have in ensuring internal checks and balances in preserving our culture.

Society is a priceless gift to us and as such, we all owe it a responsibility as the media, government department and agencies, private corporations, foreigners, citizens etc. to contribute to shaping it into one where we will all enjoy leaving in whilst maintaining our culture.

Advertising agencies must not contribute to business growth at the DETRIMENT OF SOCIAL VALUE SYSTEMS.

By Abaarozie Maxwell Isaac [email protected]

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