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General News of Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

PNDP presents its results to the new executives

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Deputies and senators were enlightened on the actions of the program on Friday. Three points were at the top of the agenda on the day of the presentation of the national program of participatory development (Pndp) to MPs and Senators in the Littoral last Friday in a hotel in Douala; its shares, its modus operandi and its displacement.

PNDP regional coordinator, Olivier Herman Bekack, recalled that the program existed since 2004. For the first period, six regions were included: far North, North, Adamawa, Centre, West and South. The second phase involved the Littoral, East, Northwest and Southwest.

Regarding specially the Littoral region, 23 rural communes benefited from the accompaniment of PNDP. Computer equipments were provided and access to the Internet. Most were equipped with bikes for the deployment of personnel of the municipal authorities in remote areas. Communes such as Manjo, in the Mungo were equipped with new class rooms, and benefited from the development of their town hall.

In addition, other municipalities opted for the strengthening of the capacities of their personnel (including in the monitoring of projects, the maintenance of equipment, the investment plan, the procurement, etc.).

The third phase, known as consolidation, was of benefit to the district communes; six communes in the Wouri, three in Sanaga-maritime, and three of the Mungo. The program begins in September 2015.

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