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Politique of Thursday, 30 August 2012

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Opposition for New Electoral Code

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The venue was the SDF National Chairman's Ntarinkon residence where some intellectuals were invited to size up a draft electoral code proposed by the National Forum of seven opposition parties to ensure "genuine change and preserve peace in Cameroon."

The panel of experts invited was led by Prof. Eboussi Boulaga and featured Professors Mathias Eric Owono Nguini, Stephane Akoa, Claude Abe and Bosco Talla. It was all summed up in group work sessions, debates and proposals from G7 political leaders to update the draft. SDF Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi presided the opening ceremony in the presence of ADD's Garga Haman Adji, PAP's Hon. Paul Ayah Abine and Albert Dzongang of La Dynamique.

From the look of things, SDF Chairman, Fru Ndi was unhappy with the absence of CPP and AFP leaders. He made his frustrations public when he questioned why Kah Walla of the CPP was absent from the last forum in Douala and could only be represented at the Bamenda event when the sacrifice of all is required to produce a healthy electoral code to convince Cameroonians about change instead of just blaming President Biya.

Hon Paul Ayah said the initiative to produce an alternative Code is about facts to convince the public towards the need for a critical mass. A message from the AFP leader, Barrister Ben Muna challenged the opposition to unite for a veritable common front before imminent elections or lose out again to the ruling CPDM party.

It all ended with the Bamenda Declaration revealing that the leaders of the G7 put together proposals by participants and various thematic documents in view of handing them to the Technical Secretariat, responsible for drafting the final proposals for the amendment of the Electoral Code adopted by the National Assembly in April, 2012 to make it inclusive and democratic. They also set up a synthesis committee to edit the final draft and committed to publish the final document soon.

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