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General News of Saturday, 2 August 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Non-biodegradable plastic packaging resurfaces in Maroua

Just at a time when the fight against the use of non-biodegradable plastic packaging slows down, central market in Maroua, apart from supermarkets, small shopkeepers resume using non-biodegradable plastic packaging commonly referred to as "Leda".

"In most cases, when a client requests that his goods be packaged, the sellers do not hesitate to him wrap his product in the "Leda". But if he does not ask, they remain indifferent", notes Yougouda, a client in the Maroua central market. Others have even found a name for it, 'Secret '.

This is the password for those who do not want to get caught by the control services that regularly descend on the field. Sometimes, the merchant finds out from the client if his goods should package with 'secret '.

The indifference of the client will make the merchant immediately understand this particular client is not aware of what is going on, and will refrains from packing with the 'Leda' for fear of getting caught.

It has been often repeated that non-biodegradable plastic packaging are a real environmental problem and to combat this phenomenon, residents of Maroua are mobilising themselves. "For some time now, I mostly newspapers to package my merchandise because we were told that plastics are very dangerous», explains Souraiya, a puff-puff seller.

In case the client refuses the use of papers, the seller recommends they buy biodegradable bags. Now, people make an effort to hold a small biodegradable bag with them whenever they leave the House. However the prohibition of the use non-biodegradable plastic packaging is not going smoothly.

The regional delegation of trade and the environment in Maroua, on its part carries on in this battle against the use of non-biodegradable packaging.

According to Boubakary Abdoulaye, regional delegate of trade to the far North, the joint decree regulating the manufacture, import and marketing of non-biodegradable packaging signed by the Minister of the environment, nature Protection and sustainable development and trade in October 24, 2012 gave two years to the different actors to comply.

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