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Crime & Punishment of Thursday, 5 February 2015

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Njoya Mounchili arrested for fraud in Bertoua

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Njoya Mounchili, a 35 year old man has reportedly dupped Hervé Nale Mbombe who wanted to apply to the national police. He has been arrested and currently locked up at the regional delegation of national security.

According reports, Hervé Nale Mbombe, a 19 years old man from Belabo in his efforts to join the police, fell into the trap of Njoya Mounchili Abdel Abba.

The latter promised to integrate him into the body of the national police after payment of a certain sum of money.

Njoya Mounchili Abdel Abba showed him the modalities he had to follow to get his file to Yaoundé. He thus managed to extort a sum of 130,500 F which, he said was the costs for the composition and the follow-up of the files; which will be forwarded directly to Yaoundé with his 'powerful networks' to the General delegation on national security.

He told him that the members of his network do not need money, but gifts. Therefore, the young man was directed to buy fowls and a goat to send to Yaoundé.

The connection however took a different turn when the latter revealed that his 'clients' who are supposed to be members of the network are no longer answering his calls. Moreover, he said, they now reside in Ngaoundéré. These statements made the victim questions him on many things.

When he wasn't getting any good response, he decided to report Njoya Mounchili to the police of the regional delegation at the national security of the East, Bertoua.

January 26, 2015, the famous facilitator confessed and he mentioned the names of the members of his network. An investigation has however been opened to expose the members of this network.

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