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General News of Thursday, 30 April 2015

Source: Cameroon Tribune

New decentralization strategy underway

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The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation (MINATD), René Emmanuel Sadi has announced that a new decentralization strategy is underway. He made this announcement during the interdepartmental committee of local services meeting held in Yaounde.

"Decentralization becomes meaningful and relevant if the powers transferred by the State to municipalities and urban communities are exercised and well understood and resources are made available on time and managed with the utmost care in the interest of the people at the grassroots. " The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation (MINATD), René Emmanuel Sadi asserted.

He was speaking yesterday April 29, 2015 in his capacity as chairman of the interdepartmental committee of local services known by its French acronym as CISL.

Now, regarding the complete transfer of all powers to regional and local authorities which has been underway since January, MINATD made a mixed assessment of the work done so far. René Emmanuel Sadi said, "if there is a reason to welcome the significant progress made in the implementation of the ongoing process, we must recognize that much remains to be done."

In this regard, between September 24, 2014, date of the last session of the CISL, and yesterday, April 29,2015, when the CISL met again, there hadn't been enough progress.

In fact, there is seven months left for the 12 departments (Arts and Culture, Social Affairs, Basic Education, Water and Energy, Employment and Training, Environment and Nature Protection, Housing and Urban Development, Youth and Civic Education, Public Health, Transport, Commerce, Mines, Industry and Technological Development) which were affected by an array of skills remaining to transfer to municipalities in 2015.

The Permanent Technical Secretariat of the CISL was instructed "to operationalize such transfers in legal terms, for the preparation, for their sanction by the competent authority of the framing texts, decrees and load specifications. "And according to the report of the Permanent Secretariat, only two decrees were signed in January by the Prime Minister, head of government.

One was from the Minas and the other from MINEFOP. In addition, five draft decrees were finalized and transmitted in services to the PM for further proceedings.

They concern the Minac, Minjec, MINCOMMERCE, Minepded and MINMIDT. And four draft texts from Minee, Mindhu, Mintransport and Ministry of Health were reviewed waiting to be validated.

Boosted by the fact that several aspects of this decentralization are slow to materialize, the CISL has therefore undertaken to develop a new national strategy for decentralization. "A document to serve as a reference or even a compass to orient and guide our different actions for achieving identified and defined goals. A reference document that will contribute to consistency and harmony in driving the decentralization process," explained René Emmanuel Sadi in his speech.

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