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General News of Thursday, 12 February 2015

Source: CRTV

National Youth Day : nursery and primary schools show-case patriotism

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More than 20 primary and nursery schools assembled in their colourful outfits to celebrate the 49th edition of the National Youth day under the theme: “Youth the Preservation of peace in an emerging Cameroon.”

Celebrations in Yaounde took place at the 20thMay Boulevard under the auspices of the Prime-Minister and head of Government Philemon Yang in the midst of some state dignitaries.

After the occasional chanting of the National Anthem, President Biya’s address to the youths of Cameroon was replayed before the march pass.

With well-designed and colourful uniforms, cheerful looking pupils could now heave a sigh of relief to begin the long awaited march-pass exercise.

“Equality, access to Solidarity, power, were some of the inscriptions amongst others displayed by these pupils as they marched along the lane.

Despite the flamboyant colourful march-pass, most pupils from time to time missed out their steps even after having received constant instructions from their teachers. Some of them unconsciously became instruments of comic relief to onlookers as they marched “right left” instead of” left right.”

It was not a surprise to behold other odd scenes such as: children holding their placards the opposite direction as they marched; others marching ahead of the line and some absent minded ones always lagging behind.

Many pupils were found confused along the way as some got missing and were unable to figure out the position of their various schools.

Other pupils who came prepared to march were paradoxically site-tracked by other activities around the Boulevard.

Another unavoidable scene to watch were kids crying around and longing to relieve themselves from a good dose of “Alaska,” or Yogurt, bought from vendors who have made the occasion a suitable harbour for lucrative business, .

Despite all the odds, head teachers and teachers of these pupils, devised ways to uncover them. The head mistress of Government Bilingual primary school affirms: some of these pupils came with coloured socks, instead of the brand new white socks as arranged. I decided to handle this problem by buying some pair of socks worth 4000francsCFA since I want all my pupils to be in uniform.”

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