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General News of Thursday, 5 February 2015

Source: The Sun Newspaper

Mayors praise president Biya

Over 15 mayors in Cameroon under the banner of Association of Cameroon Councils which are friends of Germany, better known in its French Acronym as 3C2A have addressed a strongly worded motion of support to the President of the Republic, Paul Biya.

The motion was arrived at in Limbe during the fourth General Assembly meeting of the association last January 30 at the deliberating chambers of the Limbe City Council.

The Motion, a copy of which The Sun procured was signed by the President of the Association, Mout Abalang, who is the Mayor of Minta, the Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, Andrew Monjimba Motanga and the Secretary General of the Association, Mbei Nje Jean who is also the Mayor of Edea II.

The Mayors, in the motion, commended President Paul Biya for “His resolute stance against corruption, crime and health hazards in the society” and urged the president to “expedite the decentralisation process to boost development and improve on the welfare of the population and the nation at large.”

Above all, the mayors supported the president for his commitment to protect and preserve the national sovereignty through the stringent measures adopted to combat all forms of incursions by insurgents, especially the infamous Boko Haram sect.

Meanwhile, in his welcome address, the host, Andrew Monjimba Motanga noted that German legacies still lingers in and around the city of Limbe.

Motanga mentioned the Senior Divisional Officer’s Office, located at the CPDM Secretariat, the Atlantic Beach Hotel, and the Bismarck Tower etc.

He continued saying the famous botanic garden, the Wildlife rescue centre as well as the Agro Industrial Company, CDC are legacies of the Germans.

Motanga hoped that the forum will be one that will permit the members to focus on their heritage and look for possibilities of strengthening networks with German institutions and local councils for the betterment of their communities.

Caroline Bi Bongwa, Mayor of Bamenda I and Vice President of the association, told The Sun after the meeting that the forum is very inspiring since it is a common ground for ideas to be shared for the benefit of all the members and by extension their communities.

“We come from different areas and sitting in a hall like a family is a very interesting initiative with which we hope to achieve our developmental goals.”

President Mout Abalang The President of the Association of Councils friendly to Germany, Mout Abalang, told The Sun that the end of the General Assembly that it was a wonderful experience.

He added that since the creation of the Association the Limbe stop over has been the most impressive through the support of the Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council.

Speaking on their projects, the President said they are going to make sure that the problems of electricity, water shortage, and bad roads are going to be tackled on a global front with German partners and other partners who are friends of Germany.

President Mout Abalang said the Germans did a lot for their towns; reasons why they thought that the Council should keep the souvenirs and relics of the Germans. They thus intend to come together with the Germans as one body to develop and preserve German legacies in Cameroon.

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