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Crime & Punishment of Monday, 13 January 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Man Stabs Friend At Nkapa

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The Gendarmerie Commander, Ronsard Menkoande, explained to CT that on January 1, around 1:00 am, the accused believing the victim was dead ran to a nearby village called Ndongo where he narrated the incident to his uncle. Fearing for his life, his uncle further directed him to a "safe" place where he could escape from justice.

However, the young man could hardly remain calm in his hideout where he went about vaunting his misdemeanour to whoever was interested. After three days of intensive investigation, he was traced and nabbed by the forces of law and order. Back in Nkapa, during interrogations, he admitted his crime and revealed that he had hidden the crime weapon in his house.

It was found after a thorough search. Commandant Ronsard Menkoande expressed the need for additional staff in order to ensure the security of both persons and goods. Stressing that even though the Nkapa Gendarmerie Brigade covers from the Moungo River right down to Mbanga, he has only three elements at his disposal which makes intervention risky in times of need.

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