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Opinions of Monday, 13 January 2014

Journaliste: Cameroon Tribune

January, Month of Hardship

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That period of the year has come when many people think the month is longer than normal. After spending so much money during the end-of-year festivities, many people are now left with almost nothing to make ends meet. As such, some people and families are having common problems resulting from the lack of money to cater for other needs.

After a joyful end-of-year feast, an unusual calm reigns in most homes, particularly amongst those who spent all their fortune on the Christmas and New Year feasts. While children return to school for the second term, some parents can barely afford to put food on the table, not to talk of buying other basic necessities such as toiletries and basic drugs for minor ailments. Things already seem difficult this second week of January, says a parent in Yaounde who opted for anonymity. The month has not gone anywhere, but some people are already asking when it will end so that they obtain their salaries.

Some days back, a quarrel sparked off in a family residence in the Etoug-Ebe neighbourhood in Yaounde amongst children who were fighting over breakfast. One of the children could not understand why his junior sibling could have breakfast items while he had to wait. Because money was not enough for the family to have a complete breakfast, priority was given to the little ones. Such disputes are common in most homes especially during feeding time, as there is little money to provide three square meals a day.

Some lovers also experience temporal or permanent separation because money needed to spice the relationship is lacking. This is usually common when the needs of the woman are not met and she finds herself in that constant situation of asking without any results, Achille T, a Yaounde inhabitant observed. Usually in such situations, the lady quickly goes for the man who can provide her needs, Achille T. insisted. There are guys who will even abandon the relationship before the lady knows he does not have the necessary money to keep the relationship alive.

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