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Opinions of Thursday, 12 February 2015

Journaliste: Nadege Nicholas

In recognition of Cameroon Youth Day

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On February 11th, The Cameroon Diaspora in The United States joined the Republic of Cameroon in celebrating Youth Day and honoring young people everywhere who act for progress, peace and prosperity.

The Theme of this 49th edition is Youth and Peace Preservation. In his traditional message to the nation on the occasion, His Excellency President Paul Biya reminds us to cultivate and value of unity, peace, justice, progress and hard work because youth serve as vital change-agents in Cameroon and in the world.

The year 2015 offers opportunities as well as challenges. As a global community, we face great challenges, poverty and unemployment, conflict, disease, terrorism and climate change.

The youth represents more than half of the world’s population and this signifies that young people must be part of solution. Just like the world’s nations are implementing with a growing success special policies empowering women, it’s also time they design and develop global policies to empower the youth.

Cameroonian youth must feel very privileged that they occupy a special place in the government and in the president vision and passion. We must recognize that the government’s success will come only if we harness the energy, talent and opportunity in youth, through innovation, participation and partnership.

As we celebrate this year’s Youth Day, let us show our support to the country, families and brave soldiers who are fighting night and day for the peace and integrity of our country.

Radicalization of youth by terrorist masterminds is a very big concern for international peace and security, as they are targeting the most fragile members of our communities and nations.

Unfortunately, there is no viable and feasible development without Peace and Security. Young people therefore have an enormous stake in the present and future of our country and the world.

During this month, many activities have been ongoing to engage, support, and prepare young people to their task of today and tomorrow. While the sun will set on this year youth day, may the spirit of partnership, trust and youth engagement endure in our lives, projects and policies.

Let’s continue a dialogue of peace and unity in our communities. Let’s be thankful to the vision and trust that the Head of State has once more put on us. Yes We Can. Cameroon Youth Can and will support our troops against Boko Haram

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