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General News of Saturday, 2 August 2014

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Henri Eyebé Ayissi accused of plagiarism

It is alleged that the essay entitled "The protection of public fortune", recently dedicated in Yaoundé, to the district of Santa Barbara, is not the work of the Minister of superior control of the State (CONSUPE).

In a press release, Magloire Nlate, Executive Director of Magolo-Makele editions, denies authorship of this book to the former Minister of External Relations.

The editor informed the public that: "on February 12, 2014, a young student (Eric Samuel Koua),doctorate student in public law, and also auditor of ending justice at the National School of administration and Magistracy (Enam), informed us his work entitled: protection of public fortune in Cameroon".

He continued: "this work benefited from the accompaniment of Louis Toussaint Mendjana, Managing Director of Enam who wrote the foreword. After our agreement, editing, in the light of the relevance of the research undertaken on this sensitive topic which deals with public morals for management of the funds of the State, advocated by the head of State, H.E Paul Biya, the publication of the essay, was therefore been delayed due to the fact that the neo-auteur had not obtained a preface that had been promised to him by Henri Eyebé Ayissi, after the latter had read the version of the book... "

Given therefore the nature of Sentinel of our publishing house, we have agreed to wait for this famous preface promised by the Minister, but alas! " The Executive Director of the Magolo-Makele editions continued his indictment by adding that: "against all odds, we recently learnt that Henri Eyebe Ayissi printed Wednesday, July 30, 2014, “protection of public fortune ". »

The latter, meanwhile, will be dedicating its publication Thursday, August 7, 2014 in Yaoundé. The said book is prefaced by Linus Toussaint Mendjana, and afterword by Mme Ngwu Laurentine née Ngo Bikoi, Inspector of State for Consupe, Chief of Division for investigations at Conac.

Magloire Nlate invites Cameroonians, not to be deceived by a possible intellectual imposture, and to wait for the original artwork which will be published next week. He reassured the public that if the plagiarism is confirmed, he will stand against Henri Eyebé Ayissi, before the competent courts.

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