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Crime & Punishment of Thursday, 16 July 2015

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Gunmen loot Douala shop

At least a shop has been looted after unknown gunmen burgled it in the Bonamikano area of Douala.

Five flat panel TV sets, 17 Android phones, among other items, were carted away in a taxi, a shop owner and keeper, Ngong John, told the media. The attack, which took place at about 2:30 am yesterday, July 15, 2015, has left many Bonamikano residents near “Ancienne route” Bonaberi musing.

Some residents testified that they overheard the noise of breaking glass but could not do anything to help. Even resort to alarm bells commonly seen on the walls of fences around the beautiful mansions beside the shop were not used by the neighbours.

Brazzaville, Douala: Dead Body Discovered

The body of an unidentified man discovered at about 4:30 am yesterday, July 15, 2015, is now in the mortuary of the Tergal Hospital in Douala III Subdivision. Preliminary reports by security forces lay credence to the fact that the man was stabbed and killed by armed unidentified assailants as he was passing by. No belonging was found on him at the time security forces arrived at the scene, but wounds inflicted with a dagger were found on his chest. He writhed in a pool of his own blood for some time before dying.

Logbessou, Douala: Robbers Kill Bartender

Three men on Tuesday, July 14, 2015, at about 11:30 pm, assaulted, brutalised and killed a certain Ndongdji Atemken, who serves in one of several beer parlours on the outskirts of Logbessou in the port city of Douala. The assailants, who were all armed with daggers and locally-fabricated guns, stormed the drinking spot after keeping watch on it for some time.

It is said that the robbers went up to the counter and ordered the bartender to hand in all money in his possession, but he refused. Some 12-mm bullet shells picked up from the scene minutes later suggest that the unidentified assailants fired into the air in a bid to scare their victim before stabbing him on the chest repeatedly.

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