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General News of Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Source: cameroon-tribune.cm

Family house reduced to ashes

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The six-room plank house caught fire at 7am Tuesday February 24 in Akwa - Douala.

Debris of beds, chairs, dresses, television and refrigerator greeted curious onlookers who passed by Rue Pau in Akwa yesterday morning. The Etoka family house inhabited by seven persons was reduced to ruins after a fire outbreak whose cause is yet to be detected. According to one of the family members, a five-year-old child was in one of the six rooms where the fire started.

Where the fire came from, is still a mystery family members are yet to understand. “There were no electricity in the area and no candle was lit when the fire started,” one of them revealed.

Since the house was constructed with planks, the family members said they tried to rescue the little boy before thinking of saving some of their belongings when the fire grew mad and razed everything including money saved for their parents’ death celebration.

The fire did not creep to other buildings thanks to the intervention of the Fire Fighting Brigade. At press time, family members had just their eyes to cry not just because they are homeless but also because all their financial resources also went to ashes.

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