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General News of Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Source: The Sun Newspaper

Fako land saga: Senator Mbella Moki indicted

A blazing portion of the same document clearly points fingers at Senator Mbella Moki, former mayor of Buea, who is accused of fanning the simmering Fako land saga.

The document titled “Synoptic report on the genesis leading to the Fako Land Saga, resolutions and recommendations” has a barrage of alleged charges against the Senator.

The first charge raised is that Senator Mbella Moki boycotted CPDM campaigns during the September 30, 2013 elections. The report traces “the Senator’s frustrations” to the fact that he was forced by the SDO to handover the office of mayor to Patrick Ekema – 1st deputy mayor at the time- after the 2013 Senate Elections. The chiefs say this was done against the Senator’s wish, reason why he had “declared openly that Patrick Ekema will remain his avowed enemy.”

“…Senator Mbella Moki realizing and sensing that all his diabolic, sinister and Machiavellian efforts were in vain, decided to throw his total support to the SDF party. He did not only support them vocally, but financially and humanly.

This explains why he boycotted the CPDM campaign teams throughout the campaign period but was seen and heard heralding SDF slogans and propaganda for their candidates,” the document reads in part.

The Senator who doubles as the President of CPDM Fako III Section is said to have hatched a plot to sabotage the 50th anniversary of reunification celebration in Buea last February; supposedly because he wanted to drag the name of Mayor Ekema into disrepute.

They further accuse the Senator of supporting the secessionist movement, the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC).

“With the resounding success of the celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the reunification of our beloved country, Senator Mbella Moki Charles and his cronies of the SDF, SCNC and the BLCC (Bakweri Land Claims Committee) opted to destabilize the peaceful minds of the people of Fako by inventing a false Fako Land grabbing scenario.

The scenario consists of ‘make-belief’ to the people of Fako and even beyond that most of their lands, especially those surrendered from CDC occupied plantations were being seized, mismanaged and sold by unscrupulous administrators and traditional rulers.

In fact, these schemers have targeted all those who contributed in rendering the 50th anniversary of reunification celebrations a success story. In this sinister program, they surreptitiously infiltrated even some media men of the state owned radio (CRTV-Buea).

However, the government took some far reaching measures to ban that slot which was gaining a lot of attention especially as names of top civil servants and state men were unjustifiably associated to grabbing land in Fako,” the chiefs write.

The chiefs conclude that: “In a clear transparent atmosphere like ours, one would always find blackmailers, detractors, witch-hunters, and saboteurs like the heavenly bodies blazing with extraordinary effulgence, beguiling those primitive days into systems of nature-worship, which speedily has virtually turnout to be identified with rights of gross journalistic indulgence and impurity.”

“The final decision or stance to these entire unfounded and unwarranted Fako land scenario that is almost necessitating a total destruction of all what the Fako people have jealously achieved, is that some expedient must be speedily adopted to arrest the progress of moral defilement in our division.”

“The promoters of these moral virus, intoxication and divisive tendencies should not be left to escape the snare. What right have they got to heedlessly expose or bring to mud the dignity, respect and authority of respectable citizens through their foul miasma?”

Enter Mbella Moki Contacted to react to the allegations raised against him by Fako chiefs, Senator Mbella Moki chose to keep his tongue holy by maintaining silence.

Elite fire at chiefs In a separate development, members of the Bakweri Indigenous Cultural Association (BICA), the Fako Elements Cultural Association (FECA), the Fako Elite Development Organization (FEDO), the Fako Resource Management and Environment Rehabilitation Network, the Molongo mo Wakpe and the Bakweri Lands Claim Committee (BLCC) representing the diverse socioeconomic aspirations of the men, women and youths of Fako origin met in an extraordinary Fako Forum to address the current Fako land crisis related to the notorious dispossession of Fako people’s land, under the guise of a “land surrender” from lands occupied for the past 67 years by the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC).

They say “we also recognize that some chiefs in Fako, either through pressure, manipulation, connivance or intentionally play a major role as auxiliaries in the illegal sales, dispossession and deprivation of Fako indigenes to their ancestral lands.

We, at the Fako Forum, call upon all the Chiefs of Fako to take their responsibilities to protect Fako ancestral lands seriously and for the leadership of the Fako Chiefs Conference to re-examine the ongoing fraudulent processes of the creation and “fabrication” of chiefs and chiefdoms in Fako for the apparent purpose of giving illegal access and opportunity to sell Fako ancestral lands.”

In a communique at the end of the meeting, they acknowledge the Ministerial Commission of Inquiry into the Fako Land Crisis, and express disappointment with the work of the Commission whose results have not even been made public three months after their work.

“We are aware of the visit of the team from the National Commission in the Fight against Corruption (CONAC) to Fako to investigate corruption in Fako land issues. We expect that CONAC will do a thorough job with an edifying report,” the communiqué reads.

Citing several instances of the abuse of Fako lands, they hasd the following recommendations to the key stakeholders on land governance: “Fako Chiefs Conference must liaise with Fako elites to combat the continuing illegal alienation of Fako ancestral lands, mindful of heroic sacrifices of our ancestors in safeguarding this land from marauding colonialists, lands whose proceeds thereof belong not only to the living but to the yet unborn as well.”

“Administrative authorities including the Governor, Senior Divisional Officer, Divisional Officers, Lands and Surveys Officers, Land Registrars and others who play key roles in the process of land management and land surrender in Fako to desist or ensure that their collaborators desist, from the illegal practices of fraudulent alienation of Fako ancestral lands, including lands currently occupied by CDC and all other lands in the GRA’s, Clerk’s Quarters, Federal Quarters and other village communities in Fako.”

“The Ministry of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure to pay critical attention to the issuing of land certificates in Fako and that the Ministry should re-examine ALL land certificates issued in Fako over the past 50 years and more, and take immediate corrective and punitive measures, where fraud is detected and ascertained, to restore the status quo ante of the dispossessed indigenes.”

“We request the government of the Republic of Cameroon to setup an Independent Judicial Commission of Inquiry to probe into this matter and find lasting solution.”

“The President of the Republic should use his good offices to look into the possibilities of redressing the present chaotic management of Fako lands.”

The recommendations were signed on behalf of the elite by the following: Mola Ikomi Mbua Koto, President of the Bakweri Indigenous Cultural Association (BICA); Victor Elame Ikome, President of the Fako Elite Development Organization (FEDO); Benard Fende Eko, Adviser to the Fako Elements Cultural Association (FECA); Prince Ndemba Endeley, Coordinator of the Fako Resource Management and Environment Rehabilitation Network; Sango Ndive Njoh Paul, General Coordinator of Molongo mo Wakpe; and Barrister Ikomi Ngongi, Deputy Secretary General of the Bakweri Lands Claim Committee (BLCC).