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General News of Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Source: Cameroon Journal

Ex-Buea SDF District Chairman, Efokoa dies

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Simon Elive Efokoa Mbwange, former Chairman of Buea Electoral District of the Social democratic Front (SDF) party is no more.

He died on Thursday, February 19 at the Buea Regional Hospital Annex where he was receiving medical attention.

It was when Efokoa was SDF chairman in Buea in 1996-2000 that the SDF won the municipal election in Buea despite attempts by the CPDM to rig the election proved abortive.

However, in 2003, Efokoa announced his resignation from the party, but later backtracked. He had picked holes in the way Fru Ndi was managing the party.

“I did not resign following SDF constitution. The procedure for resigning is that you tender a resignation letter to the district chairman,” he said at the time after backpedalling. He had announced his resignation along with those who were leaving the party after the June 23, 2002 municipal and legislative elections accusing the chairman of dictatorship.

Asked what attracted him back to the SDF when he recently announced his resignation, which encouraged many others to leave the party, Efokoa said his declaration that he resigned was a political joke. “In politics you could make a verbal statement that may not be coming from your heart. You can try the political atmosphere by making a statement,” he explained.

But Efokoa will later leave the SDF in 2007 to run for Parliamentary elections in Buea Centre-Urban Constituency under the ticket of Ben Muna’s Alliance of Progressive Forces (APF) party.

His venture at the legislative elections yielded little results even though he had gained popularity and a great following.

Prior to the 2013 twin elections, Efokoa staged a big comeback and almost headed the SDF municipal list for the elections.

At the eve of elections, Efeti Tarshi, SDF Shadow Cabinet Vice Minister of Tourism and Culture said the party had lost its glories in Buea especially when Efokoa left.

“For example, Mr. Simon Efokoa is a very wonderful leader, but he had his weaknesses like any other human being. He took the party to a different dimension, but he left his position as chairman when the infighting became too much. Efokoa did not surrender, but he left because of the circumstances.”

Many SDF militants in Buea say Efokoa was a great pillar of the party and his death is a big blow to the SDF. His remains are at the mortuary of the Buea Regional Hospital Annex pending burial arrangements.

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