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Opinions of Monday, 11 May 2015

Journaliste: Taka Sande

Everyone has a seed!

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Everyone in this world receive a seed every day! This sounds good, isn’t it. The seed is in the form of time or relationships or even a paycheck every month. It’s up to us to choose what to do with our seeds. Every working person receives a ‘small miracle’ in the bank account at the end of the month in the form of a salary!

Each day is a seed Each day we wake up to a clean new day. We all have 24hrs each day. It’s our choice to sow the time so that we can benefit in the future, or to squander it now. Invest your time wisely. The Bible talks about ‘making use of every opportunity’ and also of the sons of Issachar who understood time and what to do. The younger you are the greater your time seed. Often people above 50yrs regret and say ‘I wish I still have more time.’

Time is a seed Apparently time is the only seed that you get for doing nothing. Just for being born you get time! Give two people 10 years and you will see how different they use their time. In 5 years’ time a person can rise from nothing to prominence, and another can just make it, or even sink himself deeper. What are you doing with your 365 days this year? How are you investing your time? If you do nothing with your time, you will reap nothing. Sow your time wisely!

Relationships are seeds The relationships you have today, it can be a relative, spouse, friends, workmates or just neighbours, are your seeds. Nurture them so that they grow and you will reap a harvest in the future. Do not squander or abuse the opportunities you have today to connect with people. In business they call them human resources, and they pay big bucks in order to on their team. And watch out for the bad seeds of weeds in the relationship. Get rid of them before they hit the ground! Otherwise if you let them grow it will hurt to uproot them after they have produced a bad harvest.

Your pay is a seed The pay you receive each month is a seed. It is up to you to choose how and how much of this seed we will used up. If you use all, you aint gonna sow anything. But if you choose to sow some of it, you will reap a harvest in the future.

So, we all have seeds Therefore no one can say ‘I don’t have a seed.’ We all have seeds. It might not be what you really want, but my advice is, just sow what you have. Who know you may end reaping what you really want. Take every day as an opportunity to sow.

Remember, there is a harvest for every sowing. No sowing means no harvest. Bad sowing gives bad harvest. Good sowing gives good harvest.

Sow today and harvest tomorrow!

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