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Crime & Punishment of Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Source: kmersaga.com

Etoudi: Young man kills friend over FCFA 100

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In the Etoudi neighborhood in Yaounde, Central Region, a young man of 24, a student in a computer training center, was stabbed to death by his friend, aged 20 years, street vendor of cloths this Saturday, April 23, we learned.

The victim, who was accompanied by his usual friends, went to a bar where he handed to the barman a 2 000 CFA francs banknote for three beers. That is two drinks of FCFA 500 and FCFA 700 for another. The victim was served by the barman, who gave back his change, FCFA 300 in three coins of FCFA 100.

A coin slid from the counter to the ground, says the barman, who requested anonymity. Yvan N., one of his friends, set his foot on the coin. The victim, asked him to remove his foot so he could take back the coin. His friend did not comply.

A heated argument ensued, said the barman, who says he intervened to separate the young men. The group of three, continued their drinking. Three hours later, at around 08:30 PM, when they left the bar, and they were returning to their homes, Yvan N. stabbed his friend, Ahanda, on the back. The latter passed away, before arriving at the Mballa II hospital, where he was lead by people of good will.

Since his crime, Yvan N. is nowhere to be found especially at the home of his parents in Etoudi.

The police, we learned, has opened an investigation.

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