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General News of Thursday, 4 December 2014

Source: The Sun Newspaper

Editorial:The way forward for PCC

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We will not hesitate to congratulate the new leaders of the PCC, especially the 94 members of the college of ordained Pastors shortlisted from among several others to elect the moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC.

The choice of Rev. Fonki Samuel could certainly not have been the choice of everyone, but in God’s vine-yard, the will of God must be seen to prevail. We think the same for the choice of Rev. Fochang Babila who succeeds Rev. Abwenzoh as Synod Clerk.

It is only someone who sleeps all day long, who can never quite imagine how fast any given time comes to its end. Five years ago, it must have seemed to many people a very long time indeed. But here we are today witnessing the closure of one chapter and the opening of another in the history of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon – PCC.

Five years ago, it was the solemn departure of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Nyansaku-ni-Nku at the Head of the PCC and the arrival of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Festus Asana, as the fifth moderator of the PCC since its independence from the Basel mission. The PCC has been able to go through challenges that have plagued the church that Christ founded, in which he left a myth of the “son of man” not revealing himself, when he told his disciplines “Do not tell anyone that I am the Christ”.

Since then, the Christian Church has continued to run on a collision with itself, a collision that runs back to the early church. Since then, the Bible has had a multiplicity of interpretations that have rendered the church susceptible to challenges leading to divisions within itself.

The PCC however has successfully beaten the waves of a boisterous sea of conflicting human interests, that could have set-in to up-set the boat and this is largely due to the steadfastness of its congregations and the ability of the leaders of the church to keep the flock of the father together.

Five years ago, there was something to remember in the leadership succession history of the PCC, which demonstrates how the church has been able to cope with the various interest groups that could have otherwise threatened the very foundation of the church. There is no doubt that even in the church, politics has infiltrated congregations in such a way, that it requires the intervention of the Father himself to overcome.

From the beginning of the PCC, the church has had an impressive history of leaders who have demonstrated their devotion to the survival of the congregation, beginning from the pioneer Moderator, Rev. Ngole, down to Rev. Nyansaku-ni-Nku, the Rt Rev. Festus Asana, and now Rev Fonki Samuel.

There is every reason to honour them for their selfless efforts in uniting the church.

We have arrived at another point where a new chapter has been opened and we sincerely hope that this new chapter embodying the leadership qualities of the new comers, will only go to complement the efforts of their predecessors.

And no matter what other interest groups might have put in place, it is only glorious, that the choice of Rev Fonki Samuel be considered in the spirit of humility, which Christ demonstrated and bequeathed to us as his followers.

In addition to this spiritual awareness about our individual obligation as Christians to raise Christ above all other desires related to principalities, it is only proper that we follow the rules.

In the choice, he who wins through the guidance of the Spirit should not be abandoned to grudges. He should be encouraged in the spirit of unity. We are grateful to the Almighty that his will has prevailed.

We have all along been aware that there are constitutional provisions in the PCC, revised constitution which state clearly the trends of the rules. For both Rev. Festus Asana and Rev. Abwenzoh we can only wish them more of God’s blessings wherever they may be. They did a good job. May God guide the new leaders of the PCC flock, to follow the way forward.

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