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General News of Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Source: Cameroon Concord

Editorial: Making my reflection!

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In curiosity of the watcher of Cameroon Concord Magazine over the years, from hard to soft copy and as the year draws to an end, I draw inspiration to carve up my views with readers of Cameroon Concord.

We can all reckon with, that Cameroon Concord has since 2009 through 2014 kept us informed of relevant developments and interesting stories especially of Cameroon and around the world. It is a great way and dais for keeping us up-to-date entirely.

In my analysis with readers interactivity, there are some underlining uneasy issues that seem indistinct. While others do enjoy the news content and satisfaction with the presentation, some readers demand more improvement on editorial content and others aligned neutral. To these I asked the key question “can a newspaper satisfy all its readers?” The answer to it may be revealed in a few arguments away.

Modern journalism is rapidly evolving and detecting the trend is challenging, and more especially the goal to crack journalism's riddle for the ages is becoming more cumbersome even for news media with colossal financial and material resources. Truth within for every newspaper management and editorial board is to figure out how to get more people reading the newspaper more often.

Looking at the arguments of some researchers and think-tanks, and I quote: ” Readers want important stories as long as they are presented interestingly and clearly. "I think this naturally includes looking at the public interest," said one observer. Another think-tank says that watchdog journalism "is like being accurate...it's the price of admission.

Another says investigative journalism is key to modern journalism” Without it, no amount of innovation will make any difference." To me is that readers want "a good mix of content, from Big-J journalism to the Jumble puzzle. ”And on and on. Yes, all arguments serve good purpose but each comes with a price tag.

Recalling that almost every citizen on the street nowadays is a potential journalist / reporter. And for a free content magazine, readership may also consider how newspapers balance fixes, continuous readers demands and long-term reform?

In the rush towards reader friendliness, unfolds exigent resourcefulness. There are forces outside newspapers' control -- such as the explosion of competition, a perceived lack of consumers' free time, and demographic changes--dwarfed by the things that newspapers can control. Thus even from a non journalistic view of the prism, one can say with certainty that meeting up the demands of every reader may never be achieved.

In my exchanges with the Editor-In-Chief of Cameroon Concord, he says "We have learned, that there is no magic pill to innovate and boost readership. It takes patience, commitment, resources and a management culture of total involvement."

It is true; transforming from hard to soft copy since 2009, Cameroon Concord has evolved with considerable rapidity, sending changes rippling through other Cameroon online news media forums from Atlanta to Zambia, as they mobilize to innovate to the new challenges. Note taken that self-evolution imposes new challenges.

It is commendable that readers may consciously sway considerable advancements. We the readers can ignite more modification in the positive direction. Interestingly readers are gradually but objectively reacting to the stories and debates presented. An interaction that has been educative.

As we graduate from 2014 into 2015, irrespective of our stands, sympathizer, neutral or critic of Cameroon Concord, we are called-to-action by being more connected to making our views heard through interactive debate and inspirational sharing, on this medium.

Such interactive platforms have not only been educative but more a source of information for leaders to make informed decisions for societies, communities, organizations and governments.

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