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Opinions of Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Journaliste: Maxwell Kobina Acquah (PhD)

Ebola out break – Causes and solutions (volume 1)

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Many people are talking about the killer disease called EBOLA; in the newspapers, internet, radio, TV, magazines, and many other media sources. What are being not considered are the real causes and possible solutions to this disease which have claimed many people’s life and still claiming life?

This article outlines the causes and solutions to EBOLA.

Firstly, Ebola is in Africa and precisely in West Africa because of disunity and wickedness. War, hatred, greediness, selfishness, blood sharing for either spiritualisms or power and irresponsibility on the part of most African leaders have brought about this fastest and incurable disease. One may ask who these leaders are. The leaders are presidents, kings or chiefs, pastors or religious leaders, heads of institutions, and chairpersons or presidents of organisations.

An African president or leader may be in power for a very long time without any positive effects in the country in his or her leadership. Africa president always wish for his or her personal life interest and not that of the citizens. Most African leaders instead of improving living standards of his or her people by strengthening its institutions, he or she will rather use the state money and resources to invest for himself or herself and the family.

Secondary, the America and Europe, and some other parts of the world are only interested on how Africans will be inferior to them. They are mostly interested in only the rich natural resources and not how Africa will develop. All the weapons used in killing and destroying properties during conflicts, tribal or civil wars in Africa are manufactured outside Africa. Most donor nations who provide aids to Africans are the same people who secretly supply war machines and other equipment to rebels, arm robbers, and others to always cause confusion in Africa so that they can loot the natural resources. They cause disunity among African leaders.

Thirdly, the attitudes of most Africans have brought about this disease and other sufferings in Africa. The attitude of excuses, ignorance, fear, procrastination, past failures, unforgiveness, lack of discipline, selfishness, time wasting, negative mental attitude, laziness, wrong company, negative confession, comparison, opinion of others, opposition, discouragement, lack of vision, traditions, disobedience, and sin , have brought about this mares. In addition, people are not willing to learn. An African man or woman will prefer to spend money on womanising, alcohol, funeral rites, and other unnecessary things rather than education.

Fourthly, witch hunting and injustice in Africa also have contributed greatly to this EBOLA outbreak. In many African nations if party “A” is in power, the party “A” government will make every effort to make party “B” uncomfortable in the nation. A minister or president or highly government official may steal millions of dollars or pounds but will never be put to check. The judiciary itself may be corrupt in some way. The laws are for the poor and not the rich, this is the Africa judiciary system. The judiciary is not independent; they are always influence by the state leadership.

Possible solution for Ebola eradication in Africa or the World:

1. If people will recognise that Ebola is a manufactured disease, a spiritual battle, God will help us.

2. Truth and honesty can eliminate Ebola - If the UN really take the EBOLA case seriously and do away with racism, people will not be scared of EBOLA.

3. Unity among African leaders – if all African leaders come together and do away with their differences, there will be a cure to Ebola.

4. Operation self-dependence, - If Africa will utilise its natural resources very well and stop depending on others for help to support their budget, all sufferings will be reduced.

5. If the external forces that impose bad policy on Africa leaders ceases, Africa will take better shape.

6. If the citizens will work hard and charge on their leaders to sit up, EBOLA will nowhere to be found.

7. Payers and personal hygiene can minimise and eliminate Ebola.

Volume one. Written by YEFULKAY, www.mkacquah.webs.com and www.facebook.com/mkacquah

www.sbpra.com/yefulkay NOTE: Please the author did not meant to hurt anyone but to expose the reality.

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