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Opinions of Thursday, 12 February 2015

Journaliste: The Times Journal Cameroon

Dear Mola

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Dear Mola

I know you are still reeling from the reunification anniversary celebrations. And how sweet it is to still recall those sensations; particularly those sentimental speeches that were made extolling the virtues of living together.

Of course when you seek to annex a people, you can go through any means. It could be a sugar-coated speech underneath which lies a lot of vermin. It could be The Holy Bible, with the preacher’s intensions being too far away from Christ. It could be the machete.

Against Anglophone Cameroonians, all these tools have been used. Not that anyone fears those guns. Rather, what pains is the cynicism with which Anglophones are chastised.

Take a look at the country’s Parliament. The disdain towards Anglophones has again consolidated itself as evidenced in the composition of the bureau of both the Senate and the National Assembly.

Speakers of both houses are Francophones; their senior vice presidents too are Francophones. And in order of protocol, and the Anglophone Prime Minister only comes a poor fourth after the President of the Republic, the Senate President and the Speaker of the National Assembly.

And those who protest against such injustices in society have become targets for elimination by the evil regime. Where is “Ndinga Man”? Remember those six young people who were killed in Bamenda on May 26, 1990?

They were Anglophones, protesting against a regime steeped in oppression. Where are the sons and daughters of the Southern Cameroons who have been fighting the good fight? Many have fallen on the battle field. The people who stick out their necks in opposition to this evil regime are all falling.

And so we have irresponsible, corrupt, selfish and unpatriotic kleptocrats parading as leaders who are causing the breakdown of order in our dear Anglophone nation-the result of which is the annihilation of the once proud and thriving citizenry; now virtually transformed into wretches, vagrants and in the extreme, refugees.

And lest I forget, the FECAFOOT saga. The normalization committee has its stay in power extended by nine months. Who doesn’t like money? Owona and his gang decided to laze about in order to get the deadline extended. FIFA fell for their trap. So Owona will be moving to Brazil in June at the head of the Cameroon delegation! The restructuring took the appropriate time, even less in some countries. Never in Cameroon, where selfish interests always override the national interest.

Still, we will continue talking about emergence-as if it could come by some presidential decree. In South Africa, it never happened by decree, Chad hopes to get there by 2025 through hard work, just like Gabon and of Course Ghana that is virtually there. The Presidents of those countries are permanently on the field, not hidden behind security concerns in a country where peace is professed but revered!

Anyhow, it’s the usual politicking thing where we come up with a lie to explain our failures. And even more lies to explain the other lies. And the vicious cycle continues...I am still waiting for the regime sycophants to show me how they got the figure 225.000 for job creation or how they calculated the literacy rate to go beyond 75%. What a country?

Mola, until next week, allow me time to go see how Uncle Obama is using economic power against Putin’s brutal annexation in Crimea, although some people are talking of a third world war, I rather another Eastern collapse, though it would mono polarize the world afresh.


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