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General News of Saturday, 15 November 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Contraband fuel trade at borders under control

To avoid urban disorder, measures were taken by local administrative and municipal authorities to regulate the traffic of the "zoua zoua".

"Kuweit City" will definitely lose its reputation of fief for the sale of petroleum products smuggled from Nigeria. However, this area of Maroua administratively known as the Founangué III is noted for this unauthorized trade by Cameroonian law.

Indeed, the prefect of the Department of the Diamaré, Ernest Ewango Budu, demanded since 10th November 2014, multiple fuel depots installed in homes in this neighborhood of Maroua be relocated to the sites away from settlements.

Here, the contraband fuel, known as "zoua zoua", is stored, not only in unsuitable stores, but it is found in homes and near kitchens where fire is used all day long for cooking. Worse is the fact that this kind of fuel is handled by non-experts who are inexperienced in the sale of petroleum products.

For Ernest Ewango Budu, the sale of petroleum products from Nigeria is not permitted in Cameroon, because there is no agreement between the two countries in this direction.

"We know that this kind of deals cannot cover the districts and villages of the region of the far North, reason why the State displays what is called administrative tolerance at this particular level," said the prefect.

"This should not pave the way for the non-application of the precautions that must be absolutely respected, i.e., do not store flammable products in the neighbourhoods or in residences", he hammered.

To bring order in this sector of activity, a meeting was carried out on Monday, November 10, 2014, to discuss issues amongst the prefect of the Diamare, three sub-prefects and the three mayors of the city of Maroua, as well as sellers of adulterated fuel.

In the taken resolutions, vendors must, in collaboration with local municipalities, store their products in appropriate sites placed outside the city away from residential areas. Outlets in the city must be identified by the mayors in order to avoid the streets of Maroua to be invaded by the illicit "zoua zoua" points of sale.

In any case, for the administrative authorities, severe sanctions will be taken against offenders because the administrative tolerance has been sufficiently elaborated.

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