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General News of Saturday, 25 April 2015

Source: APAnews (EN) / 237online (FR)

Chinese chopper crashes at Douala airport

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A Chinese helicopter has crashed in Douala airport during a routine flight, injuring four people, sources told APA.

According to eyewitnesses, the aircraft was doing maneuvers at an air base not far from Douala International Airport when it found itself in the airport space without any apparent reasons.

It crash-landed as the pilot was attempting to return to the air base. Security forces who immediately erected, a security barricade have refrained from commenting on the incident.

Reporters who had been trying to visit the crash scene were told to leave. It is difficult to ascertain the reason for the Chinese presence in Cameroon although sources close to the investigation rejected the theory of the chopper being a military helicopter, some local media reported.

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