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General News of Friday, 4 April 2014

Source: thestaronline.info

Charles Ateba Eyene: Biya’s Critic Gets Hero’s Burial -Anti-government slogans used during funeral

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The corpse of prolific writer, critic and politician, Dr Charles Ateba Eyene who died on Friday February 21 at the Yaounde University Teaching Hospital was buried last Saturday in his native Bikoka, a village situated six kilometers from Lolodorf in the Ocean Division of the South Region with thousands in attendance, amongst them, David Nkotto Emane, CAMTEL Director General who represented the CPDM Party.

During his corpse removal in Yaounde last Thursday, thousands of people especially youths paraded the coffin carrying his corpse in some major streets in Yaounde praising his courage, and critical actions against the ruling class as well as his fight against magical sects, perverse sexual practices and managerial drift of the nation.

In a vigil at the Mary Gocker parish in Yaounde which also saw a record attendance record, several politicians, opinion leaders, elite of the Ocean Division and the huge crowd could be noted, Ateba Eyene was presented as a “national hero “, “the one who knows the truth” and “an exceptional man.” The funeral procession through the streets of Yaounde was unprecedented. It lasted four hours with the singing of the national anthem and songs of praise for the deceased.

A car hired for the procession occasionally played excerpts of speeches of Charles Ateba Eyene on its speakers. On several localities of the capital city were scenes of the slow march that ended at 20th May Boulevard.

Biya's critic gets hero's burialDeath at 42, Charles Ateba Eyene was the spokesman of the generation he leaves behind. He radicalized himself in recent years criticizing the system of governance in the country.

He was an effective communicator for his party before creating the Cameroon Ethics Club. A long time member of the youth wing of the CPDM party, he was appointed alternate member of the central committee of the CPDM in 2011. He did not get the desired investiture from his party for the first ever senatorial elections kin Cameroon. He defended a PhD in political communication.

Recruited in Esstic, he was more established at IRIC, in the same university. He was accustomed to publishing his thoughts in books, usually published by the author.

The author of the Cameroon bestseller ” Les Paradoxes Du Pays Organisateur “, Ateba Eyene also had many books to his credit such as ” Le Cameroun Sous La Dictature Des Loges, Des Sectes, Du Magico-Anal Et Des Réseaux Mafieux” and ” Stratégies De Corruption, Détournement, Comme Logique Du Coup d’Etat.” amongst others.

Many of his books are devoted to the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement including ” Le Congrès Ordinaire Du Rdpc Et Ses Enjeux Sur La Survie Ou Le Déclin Du Parti ” and ” Comment L’ancien Palais Présidentiel A Été Pillé ” is one of the first publications.

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