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Opinions of Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Journaliste: Cameroon Concord

Can Matoya and Mbella Moki be trusted?

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Cletus Anye Matoya, is Vice President of CPDM Mezam 1 and moonlights as North West Delegate of Commerce. Matoya is a native of Mankon and an astute politician. He was Senior Prefect at Sacred Heart College. He holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Yaounde and is also a graduate from the Higher Teachers Training College ENS Yaounde.

In 1990, while a majority of his generation militated in the SDF, Matoya instead got himself elected treasurer of the Mezam CPDM Section. In 1996 he became Section President of CPDM Mezam. He held the post for six years. In 2002 he lost his position to Tadzong Abel Ndeh.

In 2007 he staged a comeback, this time as Vice President of Mezam 1 CPDM Section. His political boss was Paul Nji Atanga who was later appointed Minister for Special Duties at the Presidency leaving Matoya to manage the affairs of the Party in Mezam 1. Cletus Anye Matoya is a man with solid personal achievements. He has one problem---and it has to do with his finances.

Matoya carries with him a kind of Mbella Moki shadow in the South West Region. Both Mbella Moki and Matoya share almost the same political heritage. Both men are consistently consistent with their support for the ruling CPDM party. Unlike Matoya, Mbella Moki has been Mayor of Buea and is currently one of the Senators from the South West Region.

Mbella is always involved in FECAFOOT matters where some small fuel might be coming in (Do not tell anyone that you read it here)

The AGBAW-EBAI DEBATE is asking the question: Can the people of the South West and North West regions entrust their political future in the hands of these two young leaders?

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