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General News of Sunday, 1 January 2017

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Cameroon is one and indivisible […] it shall so remain – Paul Biya

The no is categorical. Paul Biya is opposing any idea of federalism in Cameroon.

In his address to the Nation on December 31, he left no room for ambiguity about the Anglophone problem in southern Cameroon.
He said emphatically that Cameroon is indivisible and it shall so remain.
“ I would like, first and foremost, to solemnly state tonight that, more than ever before, Cameroon is standing on its feet. A country that is one and indivisible, proud of its cultural diversity and jealous of its freedom.” Biya said.

The reason, according to the Head of State is that "we are following the footsteps of the founding fathers of our country, our national heroes, who have shed their blood to bequeath to posterity a nation united in its diversity. The unity of Cameroon is therefore a precious heritage with which no one has the right to take liberties," Biya stated.

In his word, Cameroon is a country “that is endowed with abundant resources and is looking to the future with confidence and determination, resolved to meet the challenges of ensuring social progress and prosperity for all”.

Mr Biya welcomed the Cameroonians' determination "as one man, to build a united, inclusive and bilingual nation”. “This is a unique experience in Africa, "he added. An experience that has imperfections, acknowledged Biya.
“All Cameroonians, without exception, have embarked on building a united, inclusive and bilingual nation. This is a unique experience in Africa. Like any human endeavor, our experience is not perfect.

There are aspects that can be improved. We should therefore listen to each other. We should remain open to constructive ideas, to the exclusion, however, of those that would affect the form of our State,” he concluded

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