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Politique of Monday, 21 April 2014

Source: cameroonpostline.com

CPDM celebrates SDF defeat at twin elections

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CPDM heavyweights in the Northwest, March 24, rejoiced over what they termed “master plans of action over SDF shortcomings, which

earned them (CPDM) victory in some major councils at the last twin elections.

From Santa, Bamenda, Ngoketunjia, Donga Mantung (Misaje and Nwa) Momo, Fundong in Boyo, the message at the rallies to celebrate the

29th anniversary of the CPDM party centred on consolidating the gains of Senatorial, Legislative and Municipal elections.

Non-sympathisers have described the CPDM as “obese majority”.

“The question which we should, as a matter of priority, address is opposition’s shortcomings. Now that opposition dreams have almost

ceased to play and time has come for them to go home, how do we formulate strategies not only to consolidate our political gains but also

to completely re-conquer this Subdivision from the stranglehold of the opposition?” said John B. Ndeh, Section President from Santa.

He said though the CPDM is a majority at the Santa Council, Ndeh said, “Official results shows that the SDF won the lone parliamentary

seat by some inconsequential votes.”

The CPDM officials said while they changed strategies last year by avoiding public rallies, embracing and intensifying door-to-door

campaigns, the SDF and most of the opposition concentrated on public rallies that brought no gains at the end of the day.

Hear Ndeh; “As for a few opposition hardliners, we must fish them out and convince them that CPDM is an impregnable development pillar

and the only relentless vanguard of progress.”

Ndeh quoted a certain Sam Mofor, who he said spearheaded Cameroon’s reunification and independence.

“Bamenda gave birth to the CPDM and Santa is the gateway to Bamenda. Naturally, therefore, Santa is the political powerhouse of the

Northwest. We proved this when we gave the trigger for a constitutional amendment to pave the way for President Paul Biya to seek re-

election and the rest of the militants nationwide and in the Diaspora bought and marketed the idea. Today, President Biya remains

steadfast at the political helm of the state. Yes, Santa did it again and timely too.”

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