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Crime & Punishment of Thursday, 12 February 2015

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Burglary attacks rampant in New Deido

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Thieves get back into operation in New Deido locality suffers repeated burglary attacks

Residents in this locality were burglarized this weekend in two days intervals.

Mr. Moussa and Ms. Mama, neighbors in New Deido were victims of burglary. For Mr. Moussa, after his family had gone to bed on the night of 6th-7th February, the thieves entered and made away with television, music set, DVD player, phones, gas bottle, and an envelope containing an amount of 200,000 F.

After taking this amount meant for renovation works in the house, the thieves went to the refrigerator, and served themselves with his red wine to quench their thirst.

However, the burglars were more "lenient" with Mrs. Mama as they passed by the window of the children's room. the children were deeply asleep while the father, a forester, was on a mission.

The robbers stole their gas cylinder and the laptop of her eldest daughter. The burglars left leaving the front door of the house open. However, the fresh air currents eventually woke the occupants.

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