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General News of Saturday, 16 April 2016

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Buea is the new home of tech innovation- BBC [Vidéo]

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Privately owned tech start- ups or 'unicorns' -are worth more than a billion dollars and Africa has its first one in the shape of the Africa Internet Group.

While many think the next one will emerge from the obvious technology centres in Nairobi, Cape Town or Lagos, it is just possible that it may come from Buea - a small town in south-west Cameroon.

The BBC's Tamasin Ford finds out more for Africa Business Report.

It is amazing to know that the President's call for Cameroonian youths to get innovative with the use of modern technology was already being widely exhibited.

In as much as the town of Buea is definitely the land of Education and entertainment of all sorts, it is now becoming the top environment with the hottest and highly ambitious young tech minds like the likes of Njorku, ActiveSpaces, ColorFluid just to name a few

We can only hope that it gets better with time. However, the question is, where is the Cameroon government in all this? What are they doing to ensure that these young minds with this awesome projects can have them exhibited successfully. Like I said, we can only but hope for progress in this sector.

Follow here and watch video of the Young entrepreneurs talk to BBC

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