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General News of Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Biya addresses nation tonight

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On the evening of December 31, last day of the year 2014, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya will address his countrymen. This will kick off at the traditional appointment of his radio-television message to the Nation on the occasion of the New Year 2015 which begins on Thursday.

Before the multifaceted celebrations of the night of Saint Sylvester, Cameroonians will stick close to their TV and radio to listen to what the first citizen of the country has to present to them the New Year.

While engaging the Government in a dynamic wave to induce optimal execution of projects such as roads, the head of State has recently prescribed a special plan of emergency to execute them towards the acceleration of the growth of the national economy, backed by special funding widely available.

Prospects in short, for the year 2015 will highlight the two grand events; the preparation of the Africa Cup of Nations 2019 and the female CAN in 2016. These will hold a good place in the presidential message of Wednesday night.

In speaking Wednesday evening to his countrymen, the Head of State, Paul Biya will re-align projects in pursuit of the great national purpose which aims to make Cameroon an emerging country by the year 2035, a deadline which, at first sight, could be perceived as distant.

The message that the head of State shall issue today evening to his countrymen denote a turning point in the life of the nation.

Of course, the passage of a year came with a lot of ups and downs, in the aftermath that, by tradition, all wish to otherwise delight in hoping for the best. It's time for assessment though in many ways, 2014 has been a difficult year for Cameroon. However, these will bring out reasons to tackle the New Year 2015 with optimism anticipating promising milestones planned out for the coming year.

Reading the State of the Nation at the end of 365 days; prepares the platform for the head of State, an opportunity to give his countrymen reason to hope for a better tomorrow through the sketch of the perspectives which open before the nation.

Prominent of the pitfalls that have hampered the market of Cameroon during the year, have been security concerns at our borders to the East with the Central African Republic into a deep crisis. There were similar occurences at the region of the far north which share border with the northeast of Nigeria where terrorists activities of the Islamist sect Boko Haram was rife.

Hard to imagine that the war being waged on this double front in order to preserve the integrity of the national territory, will not feature in the presidential message. This is because, it has cost Cameroonians, in terms of loss of human lives, displaced populations, harvest of hostages, destruction of property etc., and in terms of financial resources and material important to these asymmetrical conflicts at the expense of projects that the realization had contributed to the growth of the national economy and the improvement of the living conditions of the populations.

Despite these headwinds, the outlook of the re-launch of economic growth in Cameroon remains favourable. During the past year, the major construction projects within the program of great achievements continued at a steady pace. Identified defects are passive, mal-governance or under-consumption of the public investment budget, need to still be and always condemned and corrected. Otherwise the structural reforms and the many projects to be launched will not realized the expected outcome.

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