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Crime & Punishment of Friday, 31 January 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Bamenda Emolument Trial - Defence Testify Next Sitting

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Hearing was adjourned to February 5, 2014 for defence counsel to produce authentic documents vital in his case.

The Special Criminal Court in Yaounde yesterday January 29, 2014 sustained accusations levied against the former Registrar-in-Chief of the Bamenda Court of First Instance, Victor Tambang Mbang Menji with the offence of misappropriating the sum of FCFA 67,579,737 belonging to the State of Cameroon.

The Special Criminal Court also sustained other offences against Victor Tambang amongst which is the forgery of a government stamp (the PAID stamp of the government treasury in Bamenda), forgery of emolument vouchers as well as making use of the forged vouchers, altering the amount on regularly signed emolument vouchers and using title of honour which he was not entitled to (Justice Tambang Victor).

With the prosecution case over, the Advocate General sitting in for the Legal Department, Richard Wanki's submission that the court should find that there is sufficient evidence before it, sustaining the offences against Victor Tambang Mbang Menji was taken into consideration by the panel of judges hearing the case which warranted that the accused make his defence. However, Victor Tambang could not begin defending himselves during yesterday's session because his lawyer, Barrister Samuel Nji asked that the case be adjourned.

According to Barrister Samuel Nji, he needs to produce vital documents for his case and these documents are found at the Ministry of Justice. The defence counsel said the bailiff had not yet served the Ministry of Justice that is why the documents could not be produced during yesterday's court session.

If by next session, the documents are not available, Barrister Samuel Nji explained that with a proof that the bailiff has already written to the Ministry of Justice, then they will use a secondary evidence to tender in court. That is, certified copies of the said documents. The Head of the panel of Judges hearing the case, Mr Justice Bea Abednego Kala, assisted by Mr Justice Eyango and Mrs Justice Hayatou, adjourned the case to February 5, with the hope that the documents needed by the defence counsel will be available for the defence case to open.

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