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General News of Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Source: Cameroon Journal

Ayah admits gaffe in his appointment but wont resign

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Ayah Paul Abine, one of the recently appointed Advocates General of the Supreme Court has confirmed rumor he feels upset that there was gross injustice against him in the appointments.

Ayah was reacting to allegations raised in a recent opinion piece by Akoson Raymond, published in The Journal in which he claims that Ayah Paul may resign on account of the illegalities contained in the Supreme Court appointments.

Contacted on phone to ascertain if the resignation allegations were right, considering that Akoson happens to be one of his close confidants, Ayah said the allegations on the illegality which he said he also read them online were all right but said resignation was not yet on his agenda for now.

“I read the article in The Cameroon Journal and another one that was written by Kalara newspaper. The allegations are all right but I have not made any statement about resigning,” Ayah said.

Meanwhile, following Akoson’s allegations, Ayah belongs to the highest category of magistrates in Cameroon and going by a rule in the judiciary, a junior in rank cannot be appointed boss over his senior.

“It is a sacrosanct matter of law, just like in the military, that a subordinate cannot be placed in a position of authority above someone higher than him on the echelon,” he states.

Akoson said his investigations have proven that the 1st advocate general at the Supreme Court who was appointed alongside Ayah is of a lower category than Ayah but was made boss over the latter.

“President Biya’s appointment of Mr. George Mbengue, of Super Scale deuxiemme groupe to boss Chief Justice Ayah Paul therefore desecrates the law, and constitutes not only an affront to Anglophones but an act of gross illegality.” Akoson wrote.

In his article, Akoson also claimed that the injustice demonstrated on Ayah by President Biya also pertains to the permanent injustice and or marginalisation of Anglophones. He alleges that since reunification, an Anglophone has never been appointed amongst the first four high-ranking Judges of the Supreme Court.

“Since reunification (a ‘reunion’ that ought to have brought together two peoples equal in status) some 54 years ago, no Anglophone has been judged qualified enough to occupy any of these positions.

A certain Chief Justice Epuli Mathias once came close. But he only served as an Acting President of the Administrative Division (Président par interim de la Chambre Administrative). But Biya and his Francophone-Beti government hastened to write him off in that ‘C’est un anglo.’”

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