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General News of Saturday, 2 August 2014

Source: camer

After Amadou Ali, who next?

According to rumours around, other personalities are suspected to have played a role in the negotiations towards the release of french hostages, would be in the viewfinder of the raging Islamic sect.

Apart from the abduction of foreign nationals, the Islamic Group had never committed terrorist act of large-scale in Cameroon, especially on relation to leaders of Islamic obedience originating from the border regions with Nigeria.

On July 27, for example, the family of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament, Amadou Ali, was attacked by the sect and as a result his wife was abducted. Although he escaped them, Amadou Ali was apparently the main target of the death squad; all the other activities appeared as collateral damage.

Unconfirmed sources reported that elements of the Islamic Group had yet developed the feeling that the former Minister of State for defence will be in his native village, to participate in the celebrations of the end of Ramadan. But this question never failed to tap various minds: why was Amadou Ali particularly targeted?

From the viewpoint of an analysts, his name might have come up several times and circulated during the negotiations for the release of the french hostages. It is not superfluous to recall that behind the scenes of the discussions for the recovery of the priest, Georges Vandenbeusch, the press had discussed at length his interpersonal skills in this happy outcome.

It is however claimed that in April 2013, Amadou Ali had hosted, four days in his residence in Kolofata Boko Haram negotiator for the release of the mill-Fournier family.

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