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General News of Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

African first ladies, Michelle discuss invest't in health and edu

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The wives of African heads of State will meet August 6, with Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States.

According to sources, investment in health and education and public-private partnership will be at the centre of a symposium organized, by Michelle Obama. This is in line with a symposium organised in collaboration with Laura Bush and the Bush Institute, in the premises of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

This meeting which will last a whole day will be focused on the impact of investments in education, health and public-private partnerships. These topics however are of growing concern to the first Cameroonian Lady, Chantal Biya, who arrived Washington along with her distinguished husband August 2. It is certainly because of this that her presence in the U.S. capital already attracted the attention of the media, especially the Washington Post.

Indeed, since 1994, the wife of the head of State has made health, education and the fight against diseases and various forms of suffering her workhorse. She leads a tough fight against HIV/AIDS, maternal and infant mortality, illiteracy, poverty and provides support for the vaccination of children, among others.

Founder and President of African synergy against AIDS and suffering, Ms. Chantal Biya has been able to regroup since 2002 its African congeners, natural and legal persons of goodwill as well as scientists from top flight for this cause.

Through this mobilization, several African countries including Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Cameroon were already able to benefit from programmes for the prevention of the transmission of AIDS from mother to child.

The first lady has also set up a structure to support research on the pandemic of the century: Chantal Biya International Reference Centre for Research on HIV/AIDS prevention and management.

Other structures includes: the Chantal Biya Foundation, which makes available a mother and child Center for specialized in the medical care of these segments of the population.

Education also constitutes one of her central area of interest. She invested in a construction of modern public school structures program called "schools champions FCB". Each of the ten regions of Cameroon is home to at least one of these primary schools offering excellent conditions of training students.

These different humanitarian sites of Mrs. Chantal Biya have already earned her recognition from the Cameroonian populations and honours beyond our borders. The latest refers to the title of UNESCO goodwill Ambassador of January 30, 2014.

The first lady was elevated to the dignity of Commander of the international order of civil protection, the highest distinction of the ICPO. This is the first time that a first lady, around the world, receives this award which recognizes the multifaceted commitment of Chantal Biya, evidence that all of her work is unanimously recognized. SOURCE:

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