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Opinions of Monday, 11 May 2015

Journaliste: Taka Sande

Aaken that dream

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“It’s also important to develop a system for tracking the progress you make towards your goals.”

We all had dreams when we were young. Most of the dreams were BIG. But with time the dreams began to fade away due to disappointments and the challenges of life.

Dreams are Tested In life and with time dreams are tested. Do not lose your dream no matter what. Keep believing and working on them. If you allow your dream to die, your hope and faith will also die. You dream gives you the reason to believe; and perhaps the reason to live an overflowing life!

List Your Capabilities Here is one of the ways to awaken your dreams and purpose. It is said that ‘True wealth is what one is left with after all possessions are taken away.’ Now, make a list of all your non-physical assets that you possess that most people do not have. List you strength and capabilities. Some of you are good at speaking, writing, or working with hand. Some of you have tremendous ability to negotiate or to make friends. Some of you are so frugal. Some of you it’s to do with your physical body or sport. You may even have advantages because of your background.

Listen to Those Around you Do not make this list in a hurry. Take a week. Also note down the things people compliment about you. For me the, one of the most frequent question I am asked is ‘why are you happy,’ because I am always optimistic and positive. You may have to try some new things which you used to dream about to see how it works. Try a new sport or new activity. Try cooking, writing recipes, singing. Play an instrument, try body building, volunteer with Red Cross or in fund raising. Join the neighbourhood watch patrol, learn First Aid. Try stock market investing, start a business. Buy lunch for street children. Help a blind person cross the street. Clean your neighbour’s yard. Just do something you feel like!

Do it Now! Do not let fear stop you. It’s better to discover that you are an average player than to burn with unquenched passion till death. You can never score a goal whilst sitting on the bench. Get into the game and find your passion, your dream and your purpose!

Start Developing Your Dream Now, from your list plan how to develop in these areas. Use these listed assets at work, at home or in social circles. These are your capabilities and they will make your trade mark. If you are good at public speaking, start volunteering at work to announce things etc. Open that mouth and speak out! Start writing that song now! Skydive, play golf, start the business, write the book, lose weight and join the sports club! In short, live your dream.

The world is waiting for the best of you. What will you offer?

Dreams not lived are fantasies! Enjoy your everyday life!

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