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General News of Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

A study for dev't, settlement planning launched in Dibombari

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The municipality of Dibombari had initiated from 2013, a study on the development of a Plan of settlement(Pos)on available land and sectors of the community.

Documents of strategic planning and management of land assets is expected to ensure the sound and sustainable municipal planning. The official launch of these studies however, took place at Dibombari this August, in the presence of the prefect of the Mungo, Thomas Hona.

"Our goal is to make Dibombari a place of sustainable development hence playing the role of socio-economic hub conferred upon it by its strategic position. The well-appointed town is conducive to economic activities because it contributes to the reduction of costs by the fluidity and the security it offers, and the valuation of residential potential by all the amenities and social infrastructure there," reveals Chief Ngime Ekolo, Mayor of Dibombari.

In fact, due to its strategic position, including its proximity to Douala, one sees Dibombari land pressures and practices conducted outside the law, harmful to harmonious development. According to the consulting firm committed to the development of the land-use Plan, 380 requests were recorded for registration between December 2012 and June 2014.

A number, considered below the actual number of land transactions, with some buyers awaiting the development of their parcel before they register it; an activities, that can generate urban disorder and the creation of spontaneous districts which could hinder restructuring in the future.

The objective here is not only to have a pleasant city for people by creating pleasant living conditions, but also to create an attractive city for industries and trade by equipment and quality and sufficient infrastructural programming.

Eventually, we will have clear locations for infrastructure and public works, areas protected and prohibited, the demarcation of the zones according to their uses, and the nature of the activities that can be carried out in that area.

The municipality will also have a town planning regulations that will define the conditions of use of space, a settlement of areas which shall lay down in detail the requirements with ease, location, service, etc. For the prefect of Mungo, the development of these documents for the urbanization of the city is going to take an 'important turn' where Dibombari will receive high demands on their land resource.

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