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General News of Saturday, 16 August 2014

Source: Cameroon Info

A Chinese suspected to have Ebola dies in Laquitinie hospital, Douala

The declaration of the death of a Chinese engineer called Nziang, 48 years old was made known on Wednesday by Joseph Beti Assomo, Governor of the Littoral Region, Chairman of the regional Committee for combating epidemics and pandemics.

Despite his death, he was the centre of discussion at a meeting between the press and members of the regional Committee of fight against epidemics and pandemics in the Littoral.

His death is said to have resulted from the deterioration of the health status of this Asian has sparked rumors in Douala that he was a victim of the Ebola fever, "It all started Friday night (08 August) when a Chinese patient suddenly began to vomit following a by diarrhea."

Another patient who shared the same room, believing that vomiting was a manifestation of Ebola got scared and fled the room, screaming everywhere that an Ebola patient in his room. Taken by panic, people who were also in this Pavilion began to flee" recounted a reporter of Cameroon - info.net a stretcher-bearer in the Laquintinie hospital service.

Quarantined as a result of the worsened condition in his case, Nziang finally gave up the ghost, Joseph Beti Assomo revealed. "When Nziang fell ill, he went to seek treatment in a Chinese health centre at Mboppi where he spent just two hours before being transferred to Laquintinie. Tests showed he was suffering from hepatitis B with a complicated case of renal failure.

He died in an ambulance which was carrying him to the General Hospital for hemodialysis' says the Governor of the littoral region.

In the aftermath, the governor insisted that there is until no Ebola virus in Douala, and even throughout Cameroon. For all purposes, Joseph Beti Assomo published the telephone number 99 00 66 81 presented as a (free) toll-free number for alerts relating to all suspected cases of Ebola fever.

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