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Ministry of Environment & Science

Address: P.O Box 232, Accra
Phone: (+233-21) 666049
Fax: (+233-21) 666828

Mission Statement
The Ministry of Science and Environment exists to establish a strong national Scientific and Technogical base for accelerated sustainable development of the country to enhance the quality of life for all. This is to be achieved through the development and promotion of:

Cost effective use of appropriate technologies
Safe and Sound environmental practices.
Efficient human settlement
Aims And Objectives

Science and Technology Promotion, Education and Enforcement.
Commercialisation of Science and Technology Research Outputs for Increased Productivity and Accelerated Growth.
Environmental Standards setting |Education and Enforcement
Sanitation and Waste Management (Technical Options)
Human settlements Planning and Management (including land reclamation and re-use.
Institutional Arrangements for Enhanced collaboration with other organizations for the Management of environment, Science and Technology.

Protection of the environment through policy formulation and economic scientific and technological interventions needed to mitigate any harmful impacts caused by development activities.
Standard setting and regulating activities with regard to the application of science and Technology in managing the environment for sustainable development.
Promotion of activities needed to underpin the standards and polices required for planning and implementation of development activities.
Co-ordination, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of activities that support goals and targets of the Ministry and national sustainable development.