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Ministry of Manpower, Youth & Employment

Address: P.O Box 1627 State House, Accra
Phone: (+233-21) 665349/667251
Fax: (+233-21) 667251

The Ministry of Manpower Development and Employment exists to promote sustainable employment opportunities, management and vocational skills development, training and re-training, harmonious industrial relations, safe and group formation and social integration of vulnerable, excluded and the disadvantaged for the development and growth of the economy.

We do this through the formulation and implementation of policies, co-ordination, monitoring and evaluation of the performance in the sector; guided by our belief in improved productivity, efficiency, equity and prompt responsiveness to our clients. The latter comprises the labor force, employers, people with disabilities, the disadvantaged and vulnerable.


Enshrined in the 1992 Constitution are the rights of all citizens to work. With this provision, the Ministry has come out with the following objectives:

promote and encourage an enabling environment for accelerated growth and employment;

institute special employment schemes for those vulnerable groups by-passed by the growth process, including the assetless and the unskilled, the extremely poor, and those falling victim to the growth process, that is, re-deployed, the retrenched, and the educated unemployed;

promote adequate wage and self-employment opportunities to productively absorb new entrants into the labour market;

facilitate the process of formalization of employment through appropriate policy intervention;

develop a comprehensive labour market information system and provision of improved employment services;
ensure safe and healthy working environment in selected segments of formal and informal sector;

promote improved labour-management relationships;

improve and promote opportunities for technical and vocational training especially in the rural areas;

improve the provision of management and business skills training;

promote the organization of short-term competency-based and demand-driven vocational training programmes;

develop a comprehensive National Manpower Development Policy.


Vocational Skills Training and Development
Employment Generation and Labour Market Relations
Co-operative Development
Occupational Safety and Health
Productivity Improvement
Social Welfare and NGO Registration and Co-ordination.