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Seminars For Men

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Seminars For Men

Once again the female staff will be offering courses to men
of any marital status. Classes will be limited to 10 men as
the course material may be difficult.

SFM 101 - Combating Stupidity
SFM 102 - You Too Can Do Housework
SFM 103 - P.M.S. : Learing When To Shut Up.
SFM 104 - How To Fill An Ice Tray
SFM 105 - We Don't Want Sleazy Underthings For Christmas,
Give Us Money
SMF 106 - Understanding the Female Response to Your Coming
in Drunk at 4 AM
SMF 107 - Wonderful Laundry Techniques (formerly called
Don't Wash My Panties)
SMF 108 - Parenting:No, It Doesn't Stop With Conception
SMF 109 - Get a Life, Learn How to Cope
SMF 110 - How Not to Act Like an Asshole When You're
Obviouly Wrong
SMF 111 - Spelling, Even You Can Get it Right
SMF 112 - Understanding Your Financial Incompetence
SMF 113 - YOU:The Weaker Sex
SMF 114 - Reasons To Give Flowers
SMF 115 - How To Stay Awake After Sex
SMF 116 - Why it is Unacceptable to Relieve Yourself
Anywhere, but in the Bathroom
SMF 117 - Garbage:Getting it to the Curb
SMF 118 - Sex: You Can Fall Asleep Without it if You Try
SMF 119 - Sex: The Morning Dilemma. If it's Awake, Take a
SMF 120 - The Weekend and Sports are NOT Synonymous
SMF 121 - How to go Shopping With Your Mate and Not Get
SMF 122 - How to Put the Toilet Seat Down
SMF 123 - The Remote Control: Overcoming Your Dependency
SMF 124 - How Not to Act Younger Than Your Children
SMF 125 - Honest, You Don't Look Like Mel Gibson, Especially
When Your Naked
SMF 126 - The Attainable Goal: Omitting F##k From Your
SMF 127 - Fluffing the Blankets After Farting IS NOT a Form
of Foreplay
SMF 128 - Real Men Ask For Directions
SMF 129 - WIPING: How To Do it So You Don't Leave Skid Marks
in Your Shorts
SMF 130 - TELEPHONES:What They Are, Where They Can Be Found
and How To Use Them