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Blonde Jokes

Breast Stroke

More Jokes:

A local radio station had a contest to see who could cross
the English Channel the fastest. Tell the contest was down to
three people, a brunette, an old lady and a blonde. The
stroke in the last round was the breast stroke says the D.J.

Well, the old lady goes across first. She makes it across in
8 minutes. No problem for her.

The brunette makes it across in an hour. She is a little
tires but fine.

The blonde goes across. Everyone sits waiting . . . and
waiting . . .

"Geez! What is taking her so long?" asks the old lady.

The brunette just patiently waits.

Finally, two exhausting hours later, the blonde makes it
across, panting.

"What took you so long?" asks the old lady.

"No fair! You cheated! You used your arms." she said.