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Blonde Jokes

Blonde Game

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A blonde is on a plane sleeping when the guy next to her
says, "Let's play a game." She looks at him and tells him the
she doesn't want to and she just wants to sleep, but he keeps
bugging her until she agrees.

He tells her that he will ask her a question and if she
can't answer, she owes him $5.00, then she asks him a
question and if he can't answer, he owes her $50.00. So he
asks, "Who was the last person to sign the Declaration of

She quietly hands over a $5 bill. She asks, "What goes up a
hill with 4 legs and down with 5? He has no idea so he gives
up and gives her $50.

The blonde turns back around and goes back to sleep.

Not 2 seconds later, he wakes her back up and asks, "What
was the answer?"

Quietly, she reaches into her purse and gives the guy a
$5.00 bill.