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Nigeria Kidnappings: Naomi Adamu di Chibok girl wey dare Boko Haram

Naomi Adamu di Chibok girl wey dare Boko Haram Naomi Adamu di Chibok girl wey dare Boko Haram

Mass kidnapping of children for Nigeria don dey make global headlines recently and for one young lady wey also suffer similar attack for one school for Chibok,, e dey very hard to watch.

Naomi Adamu wey be 24 years old as at di time of di attack, na di oldest student inside di over 270 students di Islamic militant group Boko-Haram kidnap from Chibok Government Secondary School, Borno state for April 2014.

Her classmates dey always call Naomi Maman Mu, wey mean "Our Mother" because her education dey slow sake of di health problems she get wen she small.

Six years afta di abduction, Naomi open up about di kidnap for inside one new book called "Chibok girls" wey she be di main character.

During di three years she spend wit Boko Haram, Naomi say she no gree marry one of dia fighters or convert to Islam, even though di pressure much.

Instead she and another classmate dey write secret diaries inside textbooks dey give dem to dey write Islamic verses. She hide dem inside one small purse she always dey tie to her legs.

Dem decide to dey write dia stories in case if one of dem escape, pipo go fit know wetin happun to dem.

'Christmas message to my papa'

For inside one of di diary, she bin write letter to her papa just before di Christmas of di year of dia kidnap.

"Dear my lovely papa, I miss you so much in dis moment.

"Papa, I wan see you, I dey so worried about you and mama and di rest of di pipo for home.

"I no imagine say dis kain thing fit happun to me, none of us wey Boko Haram kidnapped reason am. By di Grace of God papa, I miss you so much.

"I want make you help me in prayer all di time so I go fit defeat di devil each time he come to torment me. So dad, I go like stop here.

"I miss you so much. Goodbye have a nice day.

"Your lovely daughter, Naomi Adamu. Wish you a merry Christmas."

Wetin happun afta di kidnap

Apart from being separated from dia family and not knowing where dem dey or even if dem dey alive, di girls suffer many hardships.

Dem dey always move dem around all di time sake of di Nigerian military, foreign mercenaries and di American drones goment take dey find dem.

Dey spend most of dia time inside di Sambisa forest, di main place where di group dey hide.

Naomi say na very difficult time for dem for Sambisa "food no dey and no water. We gats use sand clean ourselves wen we dey our period."

Senior Boko Haram militants always dey try to make Naomi to marry one of their fighters.

Dem believe say if she marry, di oda younger girls go follower her foot step.

Every time she refuse dem go beat her seriously and threaten her wit death.

Her disobedience lead her and others to dey introduced to di leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau. But during di meeting he tok one thing wey surprise her.

"Shekau tell us say im no kidnap us to marry us off, but because he wan put pressure on di govment to release im men wey dey detention."

Di discovery strengthen her resolve and soon oda rebellions dey.

Singing hymns to Boko Haram

When di separate her and some of di more stubborn students from their peers, dem stop to dey give di weaker girls food just to force them to marry, but she and her friends go hide food give dem.

Dem sing hymns in front of dia guards, quietly at first, then more boldly. Most of di kidnapped students na Christians. Dey write down their favourite Bible verses and prayers for dia diaries.

She gain her freedom for 2017 along with 81 other girls, afta years of painstaking negotiations between a small team of Nigerian volunteers and a Swiss diplomat.

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