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Africa News of Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Source: BBC Africa Eye

The bullet and the virus: Police brutality in Kenya's battle against coronavirus

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Africa Eye investigates the impact of the deadly Coronavirus in one of the poorest communities in Kenya – Mathare, one of the biggest and most densely-populated slums in Nairobi.

The arrival of coronavirus threatens to devastate the fragile economy of Mathare, but heavy-handed policing has already led to violence and a series of tragic deaths.

The police shooting of 13-year-old Mathare resident Yasin Moyo caused national outrage in Kenya, and grabbed headlines worldwide.

But, according to Kenya’s Independent Policing Oversight Authority, Yasin was just one of 15 people who have died at the hands of the police since a nationwide curfew was enforced in March.

Local journalist Elijah Kanyi reports from the frontline of Mathare’s battle against the deadly virus and heavy-handed policing.

As coronavirus finally reaches the slum, Kanyi joins emergency medical teams as they attempt to save Mathare’s first casualties.

And against a backdrop of fear and anger, he joins an outraged community ask they take to the streets and ask: is the corona cure far deadlier than the disease.

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